FAQ on Photoluminescent Safety Products


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1. What is Photoluminescence, or glow in the dark ?
Photoluminescence is a kind of material incorporate inorganic phosphors into a carrier or substrate. The substrate might be a solvent-based or water-based paint, a magnetic or adhesive back tape, a plastic extrusion, an acrylic or polyurethane casting or injection molded item, or a vinyl film. These photoluminescent phosphors absorb light in the visible for mins and ultraviolet wavelengths and release light in the dark for hours.


2. How many Hours do Photoluminescent products glow?
EveryGlow photoluminescent products offer several grade of afterglow effect from 5~8 hours to days.
The luminance of our products are measured by our lab with technical instrument with activating by 1000Lux=93 foot-candles of Xenon Lighting for 5 mins, in compliance with DIN67510 . the emitted luminance get measured at 10/60minutes in full darknesses.


3. Is Photoluminescent material radioactive, toxic or harmful to human body?
No. The photoluminescent material we use is accomplished by non radioactive, non toxic pigment powder into the various base materials.
Other terms for photoluminescence are glow-in-the-dark, Phosphorescent and self-illuminating.
And our material is under test of MSDS and no special recycling necessary.


4. What is the life time for the use of Photoluminescence?
In properly used mainly depends on the base material with our photoluminescence indoors over 20 years


5. What is the temperature resistance of our photoluminescent pigment?
800~1100 degrees of centigrade


6. How long time does photoluminescent product need to charge?
5~30mins under sunlight or other bright lighting( like lamp) may be enough for an initial quick activation.
Cool light sources: fluorescent, daylight/sunlight, UV light, LED are recommended for light sources.


7. Why choose Everyglow photoluminescent pigment/ Vinyl film/ Rigid sheet/ Sign/ Gravel or Pebble stone?
Because we have been in this area for years, with years of experience and good quality control, and we really like to listen to what our customer really need and keep doing technical and research makes our product different from other manufacturers.


8. What are photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs and why should they be photoluminescent (phosphorescent)?

Photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs are signs that have a resin covering with photoluminescent (phosphorescent) substances in its composition.
The photoluminescent (phosphorescent) sign has the purpose of effectively transmitting the message for which it was manufactured, i.e. to show alarm equipment, fire equipment, security equipment, etc.). It also shows escape routes (exits, doors, etc.), the dangers, the obligations or the prohibitions, guaranteeing total understanding, even in blackout situations.
The adaptation of Everyglow products to the market’s needs and to the national and international normative requirements is assured by a process of continuous investment, in innovation and development of new products and new technological solutions.