Uv blacklight pigment

uv blacklight pigment


UV Fluorescent Pigments for security, identification, coding and anti-counterfeiting applications. These pigments day color, with a white to off-white powder appearance, and are not noticeable when incorporated into security inks, fibre and papers. When irradiated with UV light (black light), these pigments will emit fluorescent light of yellow, green, red, blue,white,violet,orange colors and are immediately identifiable. Some of the common applications are in postage stamps, currency notes, credit cards, lottery tickets, security passes, etc.

Applications: It can be added to various mediums such as paint, printing ink, plastics, rubber, glass and water based vehicles of all kinds. These special powder are widely used in anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, decoration, document security, advertisements and just about anywhere you need a high quality invisible fluorescent pigment. it is used extensively in security or other high end products.

Technology Index:
1: No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder.
2: Density:d≤3.4±0.02g/cm³
3: Median particle diameter:d50≤5.0±0.5μm
4: Relative luminosity≥99%
5: Main peak wavelength of the emitting spectrum: 505nm.
6: Melting Point: Dissociates 1250 C.
7: Solubility In Water: insoluble.
8: Specific Gravity: 3.2-3.6