luminescent rigid sheet 2.0mm

  • >>Everyglow photoluminescent pvc sheet 2.0mm
  • >>Non-toxic
  • >>Harmless
  • >>Eco-friendly
  • >>Free of radioactive
  • >>Long afterglow time
  • >>Good Properties for flameless


Everyglow photoluminescent sheet is choose Everyglow LBG series photoluminescent pigment combine with pvc resin and pvc base rigid sheet, it available glow 6-10hours after absorb the visible light for 5-30mins,

and this emit & absorb light process is repeatedly,no power request.

Products Properties:

Free of  radioactive elements , non-toxic, harmless, Eco-friendly material.

Longer afterglow time and super higher luminance.

Excellent printing by eco-solvent ink,uv ink, silk-screen ink.

Good weather resistant for outdoor use.

Performance of flameless according to IEC 60092-101 – Item 2.28.2

Products name Class L  photoluminescent PVC sheet
Material pvc Appearance Yellowish
Thickness 2.0mm Glow color Yellow-green
Width 1.2m max Life time in door 10year
length 1.0m-2.4m Life time outdoor 3-7years
Surface Glossy Afterglow luminance mcd/m2 100mcd/m2 at       10mins
Printing ink uv ink,silk-screen ink 13/m2 at 60mins

Note: Test standard: DIN67510 Part 1
1) Excited by light source D65 1000Lx for 10mins;

2)The afterglow time indicates the time during which the pigment decline to 0.32 mcd/m2

3) The error about ± 10% is allowed in above data.


1.0m x 1.2m, 60cm x 50cm ,60cm x 100cm.


These pigment is mainly apply  as Safety UL924 photoluminescent sign, egress sign,evacuation plan,Low location light wayfinding system etc.

Everyglow photoluminescent egress sheet

Sinalglow photoluminescent evacuation system

Sinalglow photoluminescent evacuation system