LBB-FS1520 aqua luminescent gravels 15-20mm

Everyglow ® luminescent gravel


Everyglow® Photoluminescent gravel stone is made from EVERYGLOW® photoluminescent pigment and synthetics material,with great weather resitant, and hardness,this gravel can be shine in the dark more than 10hours, after absorb the visible light for 5-30mins,and this emit and absorb light process is repeatedly.

Non-toxin,Harmless,non-radiation, Eco-friendly material

Mainly use for concrete ,pavers,terrazzo and garden decoraton projects.

Daylight color: yellowish

Glow color:  aqua

Size: 15-20mm

Glow time: 8-12hours

Life time: 3-7 year(outdoor), 15-20 year(indoor)

Packing: 25kg/bag. 40bag/pallet.

concrete countertops   /   fish ponds
concrete inlay- backsplash  /  walkways
waterscapes  /  gardens
fish tanks  /  vases
pathway edging  /  rockeries
potted plants  /  inlaid into concrete driveway