Photoluminescent vinyl for plotter

  • >>Everyglow photoluminescent lamination film
  • >>Non-toxic
  • >>Harmless
  • >>Eco-friendly
  • >>Free of radioactive
  • >>Long afterglow time
  • >>Good Properties


Everyglow® photoluminescent lamination film are research by ourselves , which is choose Everyglow brightness grade photoluminescent pigment combine with synthetic polyster paint via coating process,it can be lamination on ready printing media surface. for achieve the base printing media item full glow in dark.

it available glow 8-24 hours after absorb the visible light for 5-30mins,

and this emit & absorb light process is repeatedly,no power request,it is idear eco-friendly material.

Products Properties:

Free of  radioactive elements , non-toxic, harmless, Eco-friendly material.

Longer afterglow time and super higher luminance.

Excellent cover

Good weather resistant for outdoor use.

Products name PLF-Class L Everyglow photoluminescent lamination film
Material synthetic polyster Appearance pale green
Thickness 0.1-0.2mm Glow color Yellow-green
Width 1.22m Life time in door 10year
length 25m / 50m Life time outdoor 3-7years
Self-adhesive yes Afterglow luminance mcd/m2 100mcd/m2 at 10mins
Printing ink uv ink 10mcd/m2 at 60mins

1) Excited by light source D65 1000Lx for 10mins;
Note: Test standard: DIN67510 Part 1

2)The afterglow time indicates the time during which the pigment decline to 0.32 mcd/m2

3) The error about ± 10% is allowed in above data.


1.22m x 25m/50m, 61cm x 25m/50m ,each rolls put in one carton.


These pigment is mainly apply  as Safety photoluminescent sign, advertising,label,evacuation plan, wayfinding system etc.

eco-solvent ink photoluminescent film

Everyglow photoluminescent lamination film

Sinalglow photoluminescent evacuation system

Sinalglow photoluminescent evacuation system