Fluorescent pigments


Features and Benefits:

■Thermoplastic general purpose grades offering excellent brightness and color strength.

■The particle size ensures that good dispersion can be achieved with high-speed stirrers.

■Heavy metals comply with EN 71-3 requirements for toys.


■Water-based textile printings, water-based paper coatings

■Colored clay

■Low temperature injection molded plastics

Available Colors:

HA-11 Pink

HA-12 Cerise

HA-13 Red

HA-14 Red orange

HA-15 Orange

HA-16 Orange yellow

HA-17 Yellow

HA-18 Green

HA-19 Blue

HA-20 Violet

HA-21 Magenta

Physical & Chemical Properties:

HA pigment is a dyed/pigmented melamine toluene-sulfonamide formaldehyde thermoplastic copolymer.

Average Particle Size ≤10µm

Softening Point ≥105℃

Oil Absorption 65g oil/100g pigments

Color strength(compared with the standard) 100±5%

Full shade(compared with the standard) similar


Fluorescent pigments are stable to indoor light or outdoor conditions without direct sunlight. By exposure to outdoor

sunlight the color will change, whereby the degree of fading is depending on following factors:

■Color of the pigment

■Type of polymer carrier

■ Intensity of the incident sunlight.

■Pigment loading and thickness of the end product.

The higher the pigment concentration is, the better the lightfastness is.

The lightfastness may be improved by including UV– absorber(s) in the formulation and/or by making use of clear

overcoats contai-ning UV-absorber(s).


Unlike HX Series,HA pigments are not recommended for used applications in injection molded plastics.


HA fluorescent pigments are delivered in cartons with PE

lining,net weight 25kg. It should be kept in cool place and

away from heat.All opened bags should be carefully

resealed immediately after use.


HA fluorescent pigments are essentially non-toxic and

non-hazardous with extremely low heavy-metal content.

Material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available upon


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